Frankie the Pig

We’d like to introduce you to Willie’s friend and ours, Frankie the pig!

Frankie and Friends

Frankie and Friends

Who Let the Hogs Out?

Quick Facts About Frankie

  1. Yes, She is really a pig (pot-bellied) and yes, she is my pet.
  2. She is 14 months old.
  3. She eats a healthy diet of grain pellets (for treats she snacks on carrots, cauliflower, and apples).
  4. She sometimes (but not always) joins Gary in presentations. (Sometimes she is just too busy with her piggy social life.)
  5. She was born on a farm in Geneseo, Illinois.
  6. She is well-trained. She likes to sit, stretch (the yoga pig stretch) and put her front feet up on your knee.

Frankie on Video!

Frankie Playing in the Backyard with a Friend

Frankie Inside

Growing Frankie’s Food!

These are from Gary and Adam’s (Gary’s 9 year old–and the real green thumb in the family) backyard garden.

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