About Willie's Wagon

by Gary Metivier

The Willie series has two main goals: 1) To get children have fun reading about a character they can relate to, and 2) To get children to think about life beyond themselves.

These books have already helped raise 10’s of thousands of dollars to support sick children. That is what inspired me to begin the series.

The Willie’s Wagon Adventure Series

The series follows Willie’s journey through life, taking on the everyday obstacles and challenges an elementary school student faces. But he doesn’t face them alone; he has a little help. That help is in the form of a wagon he turns to for inspiration when he needs it most.

One of my teacher friends put it this way:

“For Willie, the wagon seems to give him strength to act on those thoughts and feelings in order to do the right thing or a good thing that takes some extra effort and commitment.”

“HOG”ages 7-11

“A Hog Ate My Homework!” finds Willie uninspired for his first writing assignment.  He turns to his wagon to discover a way out of his failed report—and to get out of trouble with his teacher and parents!  Willie turns this setback into a chance to learn about life, about feeding the world, about being a good neighbor—and even about ice cream! What more to life is there?

(MoonBeam Award Winner)

WILLIE”S WAGON ages 6-10

“Willie’s Wagon” is a story about a bored seven year old boy trying to understand himself and his place in this world.   On this journey he learns that there is so much more to life than just what he needs.  He makes a discovery not just of a wagon—but of himself and what he can do for others.  He finds a way to use the wagon to help some children who otherwise would miss out on the big trip to the pumpkin patch.

(Mom’s Choice Award Winner)

It is a story that I hope will inspire healthy children to follow Willie’s lead—or at least help them to think about what they have to be thankful for.

Proceeds help support sick children

Portions of the sales of these books help send kids with cancer to a special camp called The Heart Connection Summer Cancer Camp. Why send kids to camp? My interest stems from my enjoying camping with my own two sons. I want to help children who may not otherwise get the experience of camping. This special camp for children with cancer has a complete volunteer medical staff that can meet the needs of very sick children who get the rare chance to leave the hospital bed or their bedrooms to be like other kids—if only for a day or the entire week.