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“Yesterday’s program, ‘Willie’s Wagon’ was a tremendous success; absolutely one of the best assemblies that I have seen!”

~ Tom Kossaris/Principal, Frances Willard School

“I was very impressed with the presentation from Gary Metivier. He did a wonderful job. He kept 275 kindergarten thru 6th grade student’s attention throughout the entire presentation. He did a great job of involving the audience and yet not letting it get out of control. The students and faculty really enjoyed the assembly. Thank-you for coming to Ridgewood school in Rock Island.”

~ Melinda Wildermuth, special education teacher

“Gary’s enthusiasm brought Willie’s Wagon to life at Calamus Wheatland Elementary School. Enlarged illustrations were used to capture the life story of the fictional character, Willie. Students were involved in the story telling process and inspired by Gary’s zest for writing. Whether you are big or small, one person can make a big difference, was the message he enlivened us with.”

~ Amy Lohman, K-3 Reading Specialist
Calamus Wheatland Elementay School

(re: Willie’s Wagon)

“I’ve taught 1st grade for 36 years and will read it yearly until I quit!! It’s wonderful…and kids need to continually hear that “it’s better to give than to receive” and that doing something nice for someone IS a gift!”

~ Karla Lance,Teacher/ President Henry County (Iowa) Delta Kappa Gamma

(re: school visits)

“I would highly recommend any school thinking about having him come to visit.”

~ Trish Hinchman,Reading Committee Member,John F. Kennedy School

“Your message, humor, and presence were inspiring to all in attendance.”

~ Janet Bremer,Trinity Lutheran School
Davenport, Iowa

“What an amazing assembly — teachers and students are still talking about it!  Think everyone in the building enjoyed it.  Thanks so much.”

~ Deb Galbreath,Mable Woolsey, Knoxville, Il

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  1. My second graders really enjoyed hearing both of Gary’s books. They present valuable lessons about how young children, like themselves, can make an impact or difference in the lives of others. The messages Gary shared in his assemblies were applicable to all grade levels (PreK-6) and have inspired many to help others.

  2. chris says:

    where did u get ur pig??????

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for writing Chris. I enjoyed visiting your school! Frankie was born on a farm in Geneseo. I’ve had her for almost two years now. She lives in the backyard. Today she is keeping her cool in a big mud puddle we made for her :)

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